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Improving Safety of Advanced Mobility

The biggest and longest running expert forum focused on the technical implementation of ISO 26262

You should join us because..

  • Automotive IQ will promote networking in an exciting environment and provide you with a platform to demonstrate your expertise and share your experience with industry peers
  • You will meet like-minded professionals that share the same passion for innovation in business and for making the automotive world a safer place
  • You will take part in lectures and discussions about case studies with real world examples from the top market players that you can take with you to share directly with your colleagues and implement them within your organization

In the 2016 edition, we had the opportunity to get insights into:

Daimler: Since defects in the field and therefore customer-visible car malfunctions closely correlate with deficiencies in testing, optimizing testing strategies is a critical task, for safety related systems particularly. Thus, an efficient testing process calls for the illustration of its key levers, ragarding both the methological and the human aspects.

Jaguar Land Rover: Tier one suppliers have in recent years been very active in developing safety cases for their functions using a SEooC approach to verify safe function. Its often tempting for the OEM to take that at face value in applying a “platform” solution but caution needs to be applied. Not all vehicles are the same and not all applications of a function carry the same risk.

Brose Fahrzeugteil: A detailed analysis of gaps, inconsistencies, and vagueness surrounding the notions of safety audits, safety assessments, and confirmation reviews will be presented and discussed.

Cadence: Safety verification for large semiconductor hardware has the potential to become computationally impossible. In this presentation, we will discuss automation techniques that help to address this issue by reducing the effort while maintaining the quantified data needed to achieve ISO 26262 compliance.

Siemens Corporate Technology: In this session it will be discussed how an FMEDA analysis separates failure rates of electronic parts into classes to find out which are relevant. Excel or similar tools maintaining manual tables are widely used in industry to calculate these failure rates and to guide the analysis process.

ZF TRW: In this talk it will be given an introduction in the topic freedom from interference and explain different strategies how freedom from interference can be achieved in software. In addition best practices and lessons learned from various projects will be reported.

SGS-TÜV Saar: Modern driver assistance systems to highly or even fully automated vehicles not only raise questions about the legal situation or technical implementation. Even aspects of functional safety, fault tolerance and availability ("fail operational") will have an impact on today's automotive designs. New and advanced concepts for "Operational Safety" are necessary to ensure a safe (self) driving function even in case of failure. In the lecture possible future architectures to implement the "Operational Safety" requirements will be presented including advantages and disadvantages, for example, known architectures of the automation industry (2oo3, 1oo2D) and new flexible architecture approaches.

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